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Mind expanding ideas

I have found this podcast to be helpful and mind expanding. I’ve been following mind valley because of the diverse expert knowledge they bring to the table. This podcast is an excellent extension off of the empowering mainstream MV. I’m grateful to have this tool.

Afraid of lost a job by deployment

Listening this help me to wait the transition with faith knowing that something better will come out for me


Always informative and inspiring.

Great content to keep you moving forward

I enjoyed the podcast with Jon Butcher. I was so motivated by his goal setting, I joined his Lifebook quest on Mindvalley with my husband so we could get really clear about the life we want to create and how to get there. My husband told me he was SO happy we did this (and he’s usually a really tough sell). If my husband loves it, they’re on to something good. Thank you for sharing great content. We are on our way to living our best life!

Fantastically informative

Such great info presented in an understandable and engaging way. As long as I’m in a J.O.B. I will look forward to maximizing it with these podcasts. Thank you.

I love this Prod cast

This is the very best thing for signing with Mind Valley. It is not just the Prod cast which I absolute enjoy. Mind Valley overs so many tools for self improvements and empowerment's

Eye opener and such great advise

I have been a subscriber for a very long time. Not only are they insightful but it’s makes you realize what is important. I have gained a better life-work balance, and finally started taking well deserved self care of myself. These are tools that have become part of my new way of thinking, because I’m worth it.


This site has offered so many valuable classes and learning insights from top and well respected people that I do admire! I have recommended this Mindvalley to many friends who also confirm the level of learning n sharing has been awesome!

Great Life-changing Asset

Ever since I’ve joined Mindvalley my vision of life have changed to the better. It helped me with all the techniques that have dramatically increased my productivity. So I personally would recommend anyone hesitant about joining, to fort up and give it a try.

Love the podcasts

Great information from exciting and insightful guests. I am always learning new things through Mindvalley!

Opportunity ( Blake)

This sound like a great opportunity. To get my life under control, where I’m the one in control for once. Im looking forward to what forward progress I can wake. Because 2019 was not so good.

Always Though Provoking

I love the inspiring ideas and the practical tips and resources. Thank you.

I Love the podcast

I love the podcast because it gives me clarity about issues I face at work place. I will try and implement what Ive heard!!!!

Must listen for PERSONAL GROWTH

Highly recommend! Getting the best insights from the top in each area of your life. My go to resource is Mindvalley for modeling and learning. I love the deep dive in each area with great interviews and ease to look up and connect with each interviewee.

From Fear to Free

The simplicity and practicality of this podcast is awesome!


I am a Mindvalley member and I am so excited about this podcast! The topics are always relatable to my life and give me easy and fast ways to implement tools to up level my life. I especially love the latest podcast on goal setting as my 2020 focus is on elevation and harmonization. Thank you Jason for hosting this amazing PODCAST!


Easy listening. Valuable, positive, progressive ideas to ponder.

Goal Setting 2020

Very helpful to think of setting annual goal and then breaking it into 90-day-goal setting towards the big one! Love the realization that achieving some goals will not give the results we imagined but we learn from that.

Now I have the right tools to set my goals and make 2020 my best year!

Can’t wait to improve every area of my life!

Love this podcast

So happy and thankful for this podcast, I enjoy listening and I love learning new ways to improve my life for the better.

Goal setting 2020

This is very helpful. I appreciate the insight on why we lose steam i.e. because of the lack of purpose in the goals. Purpose is the life-energy that propels us towards achieving our goals.

Super informative

The episode has so many tricks and tips that might sound easy but actually very VERY helpful. I personally went through many of the mentioned networking mistakes and had to lean the hard way. Love the episode and excited to check the online course :)

Great start

But I do see this podcast are great. So far there is great content .

Men and women at the workplace.

I am a woman in charge of a team of men. I found this episode very enlightening and will listen to it a couple more times. I think it will be very helpful with my communication and as a result job quality and satisfaction. Thank you!

Great Goal Setting Tips!

Helped me to realize the importance for my personality to set monthly goals that build to a yearly goal to avoid getting overwhelmed and just quitting what I started. Also LOVE the question of asking “is it worth it” when developing a goal!

Fantastic Podcast on Goal Setting!

I just listened to the 2020 Goal-setting podcast and it was astonishingly eye-opening. So informative and intriguing. I can’t wait to find out more about the Lifebook course. I’m eager to in learn more about the processes it offers because it certainly sounds like it would be one phenomenal guide/blueprint for setting, reaching, and achieving goals. A structured approach to effective goal-setting is exactly what I need to assist me in the pursuit of the Lifestyle of my dreams. ~ Yvonne B. Wildomar, CA

Actionable Information!

Love that the conversations here are actionable!


I listen to a lot of podcasts (I have a very long commute and I like to alternate between audiobooks and podcasts) but Superhumans at Work has become one of my favorites. The guests come from diverse places and each has something unique to offer. As with any podcast, some speak to me more than others but I have gotten a lot to fuel my personal growth journey here.

Aligning goals- balance

This podcast was very helpful especially the part of setting monthly goals based on the yearly goals. That keeps the momentum going and keep you focused. I also feel that balancing out the different goals you set the is essential in approaching life as a whole!

Review of Superhumans

This first episode was great, especially the discussion about interactions between goals... Worth listening to for the new year!