Selling with Love Podcast


Listening to this podcast during my morning workouts has shifted my perspective to such a degree that I feel like I need to pay for it.

The conversations are often lofty but also very practical to apply. The methods I’ve applied myself have been proven effective again... and again.

In the best possible light you can shine this in, Jason Campbell catches me off guard. Sometimes he does things that leaves me wondering how he got so good at it.

For example, I’ve noticed that he summarizes the podcast episodes extremely well.

No matter how lofty the conversation, he condenses it into a more efficient version that doesn’t lose any of the original essence.

And, I’m not sure if he’s taking notes.

Active listening is one thing, but how does he get so good at maintaining all that information in such a way that he’s then able to explain it again so fluently?

Feb. 9, 2021 by Dustin Aaron Dewenn on Apple Podcasts

Selling with Love Podcast