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Next Level Sales

The information provided, if implemented, could easily be the tipping point for your sales career. Bringing the intuitive aspect of our beings into our career.. the outcome could be nothing short of magical. I’m excited to share this podcast with my fellow sales and service partners.

Fantastic tools all over his podcast

I’ve been following Jason for quite a while. He’s been one my master during all my entrepreneurial beginnings. All his advices has helped me so much. Awesome podcast!!

Hopping aboard the Selling With Love Train

I love this refreshing and enlightening perspective on sales through Jason’s compelling interviews with leaders in the field. Jason really listens to what is being said and asks relevant questions—often the ones that I was thinking in my mind. Add to that Jason’s soothing voice and you have a favorite recipe for selling with love!

My go -to!

Absolutely love each and every conversation that Jason brings to the table. He asks thought provoking and interesting questions and is able to extract incredible insights from each guest! I highly recommend!

Absolutely love this podcast!

Absolutely love this podcast! Short, concise and always something new to learn!

My favorite podcast !

I love listening to this podcast everytime I'm stuck with my new business idea. Jason has a great way of bringing the best ideas from the guests and those people are amazing. I love it.


Love this Podcast. The guests each Podcast are awesome, and really give you something to think about! Always something new to learn!

Thank you

The best changed my work environment

Short, sweet and wise.

Love this podcast and the way it’s facilitated. It gives me the company I need on my new path of business owner and gives me so many different perspectives and knowledge about things I’m still learning about. The length of the episodes is optimal for your daily dose of knowledge and inspiration! Thank you!


I love that every time I can learn something new from all the different aspects of growing my career.


If you want to build a business or succeed in your business life with a conscious and compassionate manner, this is the place to be!!! Highly worth your valuable time.


Learning so much with every podcast! Thank you!

Important takeaways in every episode

I have loved every episode I’ve listened to. Each has so many insights that I feel like I need to take notes! Super helpful to change perspective and take actionable steps to improve your focus and work life. Thank you for such great content!

Quick listens w/ powerful punch

Excellent interviewer and inspiring guests. This podcast is now at the top of my list.


Jason Marc’s podcast inspires. As I listen to successful leaders sharing their own challenges, it keeps me motivated to continue my work and hopeful of what can be possible. Jason Marc asks thoughtful questions and keeps the interviews interesting by actively engaging in conversation with his guests. The range of topics and guests provides something for everyone. Most importantly to me, I learn new lessons from others experiences in every episode!

Exceptional Content

I’m a MindValley member and new to this podcast. Jason is an exceptional interviewer and asks relevant questions that truly benefit the listener. I’m thrilled to be a part of MindValley and be surrounded by Superhumans who want to elevate. A fellow superhuman who is transforming among the other. Xoxo

Great source of insight

As an educator, I was hesitant to get into this podcast despite being a big Mindvalley fan because it seemed geared only toward businessmen or entrepreneurs, but the content is very applicable not just to any workplace, but also for different skills that are valuable in life like leadership and relationships. Jason does a phenomenal job of drawing insight from his guests and making it relevant to the listeners. He is also great at asking questions and connecting the daily content with prior knowledge or universally accepted truths. This is one podcast that is worth subscribing to and applying its lessons to daily life one at a time.

My favorite part of my day

I really love the actionable insights each and every episode brings to listeners. I listen to Superhumans at Work or the Mindvalley podcast every morning while walking my dog and it’s really the best part of my day.


Listening to this podcast during my morning workouts has shifted my perspective to such a degree that I feel like I need to pay for it. The conversations are often lofty but also very practical to apply. The methods I’ve applied myself have been proven effective again... and again. In the best possible light you can shine this in, Jason Campbell catches me off guard. Sometimes he does things that leaves me wondering how he got so good at it. For example, I’ve noticed that he summarizes the podcast episodes extremely well. No matter how lofty the conversation, he condenses it into a more efficient version that doesn’t lose any of the original essence. And, I’m not sure if he’s taking notes. Active listening is one thing, but how does he get so good at maintaining all that information in such a way that he’s then able to explain it again so fluently?

Game changer - You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been an avid podcast listener for the past few years, but it wasn’t until I started listening to Mindvalley’s podcast that I suddenly found myself taking risks, dreaming bigger, and building a life for myself that I am proud of. As soon as Super Humans at Work came out, I added it to my playlist and now find it to be my go-to show. What’s so great about this podcast? - The people interviewed are incredibly diverse - they represent a huge variety of fields of work, which opens your eyes to different career paths that are out there - Jason is an excellent interviewer, and his intros and summaries of the conversations are the best I’ve heard anywhere - There’s ample opportunity for you to take what you hear and put it into practice in your life - this is where ‘game changer’ comes in. Take action and you will see results. Because of this podcast I’ve managed to accomplish the following since the pandemic started: - Relocated from a major city to a farm outside of a town pop. 2500 - Joined a mastermind for entrepreneurs and developed a barter partnership with a graphic designer/branding specialist who is at the top of their field - Landed my dream job overseeing food systems development in a 9-county region - Spent 7 weeks living and working in CostaRica and having a wild tropical adventure - Developed an arrangement to rent a cabin at a lake resort for a very affordable rate through the winter All in all, I attribute a large amount of my success to the continued inspiration and motivation that this podcast provides. Thank you, Jason, for bringing such light to my day!

This podcast is an energy shot among podcasts

I like many podcasts. But, considering attention time, driving and delivering best value. I often go this podcast. The design of the podcast is brilliant. Well, he even refers the source - that makes the mind clear and at ease.

If you listen to no other podcast....

Then listen to this one. Jason is a bottomless wealth of useful and life enhancing information. He always gets relevant and knowledgeable guests. This is the podcast to which I listen most frequently. I think every single working human should listen to tune every single episode.

Fantastic, Actionable Content

This isn’t your average interview podcast. Jason is a master at guest selection and interviewing, combing the two to create incredibly engaging and highly actionable episodes. If you’re looking for a podcast that delivers value you can implement right after you listen, Superhumans at Work needs to be on your must-listen list.

Gem content 💎

I get so much values from those episodes!! Jason always brings amazing guests who are so knowledgeable 🧠 One of my favorite podcasts to listen to every week!!

A tribe of mentors helping you 10X your impact at work and life!

Jason brings together the world’s most influential experts and extracts golden nuggets of wisdom with great questions so we can become more effective at work and increase our impact. I love that the episodes are around 30 mins, just enough to get valuable knowledge and inspiration without having to commit too much time. This is one of my go-to podcasts daily. Thank you Jason and Mindvalley!

Must Listen

I’ve been listening to Superhumans at Work for a few months now. With every episode, I am learning incredible and valuable lessons. Mindvalley is transformative and Jason takes this podcast to another level with extremely relevant and talented guests. The episode with Bob Burg - The Golden Rule of Successful Selling is particularly eye opening. Sales is never about you, it’s about adding value to the other person! I’ve heard of this concept before, but listening to Bob Burg discuss his go-giver principle is simply powerful. I can’t recommend this podcast enough, go and listen! You won’t regret it.

One of the best!

Jason is great host, and this podcast is very informative! It provides motivation and great advice to keep you and your business going. It touches on topics and soft skills that are often overlooked. A must listen!

The Golden Rule of Successful selling

This episode was like an atom bomb- short yet soo powerful. The simple technique of just focusing on customers and over delivering pure value is such a simple yet powerful concept which most of us forget. Thank you Jason and Bob for such an amazing conversation- just needed this as I enter into a new role of being an entrepreneur and starting my own business. The timing of this episode couldn’t get any better. Can’t thank you both enough for the gold nuggets! 😊🙏🏻

Excellent podcast

I like the show from Jason Marc Campbell and Mindvalley on super humans . Very valuable and useful information

The Golden Rule of Successful Selling by Bob Burg on Super Humans at Work by Mind Valley

Loved this podcast! I’ve been in sales for 20 years and it’s such a great reminder that it’s never about me and always on what I can contribute to others! Cold calling is so tough and the point you made to reframe your line of thinking before each call, to be curious about that person and their business challenges. That truly does alleviate that “call anxiety “ we sometimes feel when reaching out cold. Looking forward to reading “Go Giver”. Thank you. Amber

The Golden Rule Of successful selling

I have been enjoying your podcasts. Great quality interviews and messaging to up level skills for successful business and personal relationships. Money as a reward and not the target really resonated.

Morning motivation

I love listening to Superhumans at Work when I walk my dog every morning. It motivates me to take on the day. I am a motivational speaker who is surrounded by motivation, yet I love the way Jason asks his questions and sums up the show at the end. Plus 20 min is a perfect little morning walk! I admire Jason as a host coming from a host myself I notice excellence and believe this podcast is excellent.

Awesome Podcast!!!

The host of the Superhumans At Work podcast, highlights all good aspects and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Best 37 minutes

Great practical ideas to help anyone who works a job or is an entrepreneur; especially if you are looking for that edge, they one thing that will make a difference. I took so many notes and I cannot wait to start filling in my graph! I will start with taking my notes on my phone then transferring them to the graph each day. Thank you Mindvalley & Jason Campbell for always pushing us to be better and create heart cantered businesses to help the world!


Great host and topics

Best Podcast

This podcast is AMAZING!! Here is what I love about this... the guests, the to the point interviews, and the topics!! THANK YOU!!

5 things to improve life

Sounds awesome I will try

Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🔥

Whether you’re well established as someone who can translate creative energy into the impact you want to have on the world, or just getting started as a catalyst for change within your organization - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Jason does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving enterprise and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!


I don’t usually write a review this is more of my to do list (was asked by FB mind valley chatbot lol) Anyway, I quite enjoyed it. Not sure what else to say other than I highly recommend it :)

Amazing Podcast

Very informative with a touch of ah-huh!! Love it, love it, love it!!!

Love this

Always enjoy listening to the Butcher’s very inspiring kind couple!

Quality of Material

I have never been disappointed when I listen to a podcast or read an article by an author on Mindvalley. Subject matter is always pertinent to having quality of life in some direction. I always end with feeling inspired, renewed and ready to step forward in life. Grateful for Mindvalley! ValleyRosebud

Soul lifting!

Any and every video or podcast that I have indulged in on the Mindvalley app, has brought me so much enlightenment to myself and life as a whole. No matter what the subject is the Mindvalley’s coaches and inspirational speakers are so brilliant. Definitely an incredible place to spend your screen time 🙏🏽


Anything MindValley is worth a listen 👂🙏

Mind valley podcast

John and Missy Butcher are fascinating!

Effective Interviewing & Hiring

As a global HR leadership consultant & strategist, I loved hearing new strategies for interviewing & hiring top performers! Mind Valley has done an excellent job of curating timely, relevant content that can help me do my job better & even help me get a better job. The interviewing technique of top grading where the candidate asks their references to call the hiring manager is brilliant (instead of the other way around). This podcast is well worth a listen for those who want to target A Listers & make the best selection decisions!

Awesome podcast!

Great topics and a great host! Very applicable content, and it keeps my interest while listening!!

Men and Women in the Workplace

This episode accurately summed up relationships in my workplace, where everyone works together very closely while wearing many hats. Thank you!

Love it

Fantastic information for leading a team to something more.

Ready for new possibilities in 2020 and beyond!

Yes I want to be more efficient and also happier. This podcast is definitely a big help achieving both. Cheers!


Presenters have novel Ideas regarding methods for engagement that are unprecedented. I am eager to hear more and begin implementing some of these with my own teams!

The Topics We Need Talked About

Mindvalley does a great job of bringing out the best minds possible to talk about the topics we need to hear about. They know the gaps in traditional education that limit our lives and build new plans to fill those gaps. A lot of times it's eliminating false information from our minds we believed to be true for so long.

The best podcast ever !

Listening this podcast has carried through me 2019. Here I am, disabled and trying to get my body to work again. The level of encouragement, inspiration that I have received from podcast is unparalleled and I am looking to improve my life in 2020. Thanks Mindvalley.🙌🏾🙌🏾

Quick and concise

I’m exploring a remote lifestyle and this podcast is confirming my beliefs that there is an entire, barely tapped industry who will have a plethora of needs to be fulfilled to make them successful. Great insights!


Incredible amount of material at our fingertips!! Wonderful app that soothes the soul and promotes well - being and joy. Thank you for so much bliss😊👍

No more settling

Love these podcasts! Short, concise and give people the tools needed to move the needle to live one's best life.

Goal Setting with Jon Butcher

Jon puts goal setting in proper perspective. To create 12 areas of our life and strategically plan out life. Wow! Love it!!!

Mind expanding ideas

I have found this podcast to be helpful and mind expanding. I’ve been following mind valley because of the diverse expert knowledge they bring to the table. This podcast is an excellent extension off of the empowering mainstream MV. I’m grateful to have this tool.

Afraid of lost a job by deployment

Listening this help me to wait the transition with faith knowing that something better will come out for me


Always informative and inspiring.

Great content to keep you moving forward

I enjoyed the podcast with Jon Butcher. I was so motivated by his goal setting, I joined his Lifebook quest on Mindvalley with my husband so we could get really clear about the life we want to create and how to get there. My husband told me he was SO happy we did this (and he’s usually a really tough sell). If my husband loves it, they’re on to something good. Thank you for sharing great content. We are on our way to living our best life!

Fantastically informative

Such great info presented in an understandable and engaging way. As long as I’m in a J.O.B. I will look forward to maximizing it with these podcasts. Thank you.

I love this Prod cast

This is the very best thing for signing with Mind Valley. It is not just the Prod cast which I absolute enjoy. Mind Valley overs so many tools for self improvements and empowerment's

Eye opener and such great advise

I have been a subscriber for a very long time. Not only are they insightful but it’s makes you realize what is important. I have gained a better life-work balance, and finally started taking well deserved self care of myself. These are tools that have become part of my new way of thinking, because I’m worth it.


This site has offered so many valuable classes and learning insights from top and well respected people that I do admire! I have recommended this Mindvalley to many friends who also confirm the level of learning n sharing has been awesome!

Great Life-changing Asset

Ever since I’ve joined Mindvalley my vision of life have changed to the better. It helped me with all the techniques that have dramatically increased my productivity. So I personally would recommend anyone hesitant about joining, to fort up and give it a try.

Love the podcasts

Great information from exciting and insightful guests. I am always learning new things through Mindvalley!

Opportunity ( Blake)

This sound like a great opportunity. To get my life under control, where I’m the one in control for once. Im looking forward to what forward progress I can wake. Because 2019 was not so good.

Always Though Provoking

I love the inspiring ideas and the practical tips and resources. Thank you.

I Love the podcast

I love the podcast because it gives me clarity about issues I face at work place. I will try and implement what Ive heard!!!!

Must listen for PERSONAL GROWTH

Highly recommend! Getting the best insights from the top in each area of your life. My go to resource is Mindvalley for modeling and learning. I love the deep dive in each area with great interviews and ease to look up and connect with each interviewee.

From Fear to Free

The simplicity and practicality of this podcast is awesome!


I am a Mindvalley member and I am so excited about this podcast! The topics are always relatable to my life and give me easy and fast ways to implement tools to up level my life. I especially love the latest podcast on goal setting as my 2020 focus is on elevation and harmonization. Thank you Jason for hosting this amazing PODCAST!


Easy listening. Valuable, positive, progressive ideas to ponder.

Goal Setting 2020

Very helpful to think of setting annual goal and then breaking it into 90-day-goal setting towards the big one! Love the realization that achieving some goals will not give the results we imagined but we learn from that.

Now I have the right tools to set my goals and make 2020 my best year!

Can’t wait to improve every area of my life!

Love this podcast

So happy and thankful for this podcast, I enjoy listening and I love learning new ways to improve my life for the better.

Goal setting 2020

This is very helpful. I appreciate the insight on why we lose steam i.e. because of the lack of purpose in the goals. Purpose is the life-energy that propels us towards achieving our goals.

Super informative

The episode has so many tricks and tips that might sound easy but actually very VERY helpful. I personally went through many of the mentioned networking mistakes and had to lean the hard way. Love the episode and excited to check the online course :)

Great start

But I do see this podcast are great. So far there is great content .

Men and women at the workplace.

I am a woman in charge of a team of men. I found this episode very enlightening and will listen to it a couple more times. I think it will be very helpful with my communication and as a result job quality and satisfaction. Thank you!

Great Goal Setting Tips!

Helped me to realize the importance for my personality to set monthly goals that build to a yearly goal to avoid getting overwhelmed and just quitting what I started. Also LOVE the question of asking “is it worth it” when developing a goal!

Fantastic Podcast on Goal Setting!

I just listened to the 2020 Goal-setting podcast and it was astonishingly eye-opening. So informative and intriguing. I can’t wait to find out more about the Lifebook course. I’m eager to in learn more about the processes it offers because it certainly sounds like it would be one phenomenal guide/blueprint for setting, reaching, and achieving goals. A structured approach to effective goal-setting is exactly what I need to assist me in the pursuit of the Lifestyle of my dreams. ~ Yvonne B. Wildomar, CA

Actionable Information!

Love that the conversations here are actionable!


I listen to a lot of podcasts (I have a very long commute and I like to alternate between audiobooks and podcasts) but Superhumans at Work has become one of my favorites. The guests come from diverse places and each has something unique to offer. As with any podcast, some speak to me more than others but I have gotten a lot to fuel my personal growth journey here.

Aligning goals- balance

This podcast was very helpful especially the part of setting monthly goals based on the yearly goals. That keeps the momentum going and keep you focused. I also feel that balancing out the different goals you set the is essential in approaching life as a whole!

Review of Superhumans

This first episode was great, especially the discussion about interactions between goals... Worth listening to for the new year!

Social Capital

This podcast was full of helpful info and logical reasoning for networking. As a shy person, I am now inspired to fearlessly build my social capital using Jordan Harbinger’s methodology. Thank you for podcasting!

The best Minds

Superhumans at Work is a great launch from Mindvalley Anything from Mindvalley will be valuable and worth your time because it is the best minds with a forward thinking way of living. The host is easy and enjoyable to listen to.

Mindvalley has been life changing

Thank you Vishen and all the amazing guest you bring onto the Mindvalley podcast! Mindvalley itself has been such a life changing experience for me personally and I really enjoy listening to the podcast & mentoring program when I’m driving, at work or taking a walk! Thank you for all the amazing content you continue to put out! So greatful for you, the podcast guest and the Mindvalley team! 🙏🏼💚 Much love! -Daniel Reyes

Unprecedented motivation!

This is an amazing way to better oneself and encourage oneself to keep going when you feel like giving up! Highly recommended!

New Awesome Perspectives!

What I love most about the podcasts here are the new wisdom I glean from a different perspective. No matter what I listen to I know I’ll walk away with a surprising gem I can put to use immediately.

2020 Goals

Great Podcast on setting goals. Looking forward to starting the Quest.

Insightful podcast

I enjoyed listening to the goal setting podcast. It help me think about what it is I need to set for my intentions for this new year. I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions because I try leaving day to day and not force unrealistic expectations on myself. Setting a 90 day goal for myself seems like a better way to approach what I want to see happening in this new year. Thank you Mindvalley!

Immediately applicable advice

I listened to the first podcast and found nice, compact ideas that I can use and reuse for myself and others. The new year is a time for resolutions, and claiming back my time is going to be easy with the advice in these podcasts!

How to be In-distractable

I always think that I can keep track of the things I need to do at work and then I find myself off on a tangent on the internet looking at who was in a movie in 1983 on IMDB! This episode had so many good tips on how to become in-distractable and therefore more productive.

Thought provoking!

I love Mind Valley and now I am hooked on Super Humans at Work. It’s thought provoking, and I can’t wait to implement the suggestions for setting goals. I’ve enjoyed the classes I’ve taken through Mind Valley, and I love that I can listen to their podcasts. You don’t know what you are missing out on if you don’t try it.

How to be In-Distractible

Wow. I embarrassingly had not heard of Nir Eyal before I stumbled across this Podcast on Mindvalley. Noticing I have been very distracted in my life lately I thought I might find some tips by listening. Not only did I get some great tips on how to be In-Distractible, I also now understand WHY I am so distracted. I’ve tried out a few tips and I feel like I am getting back on track with my life. I didn’t really know I was off track. I just knew I wasn’t accomplishing much.

Wonderfully Inspirational!

GREAT insight and information! I feel it is going to help me tremendously in 2020 and YEARS to come. I’ll be listening to this again, AND sharing it! I’m really interested in taking the Lifebook Class. Thanks so much Jon & Nir!

The value of work

I'm so glad that Jason has this new podcast. He is a phenomenal host, one of the best. I like him because the properly paraphrases their guests, is respectful, summarizes the points, and knows how to dig deep with pertinent questions that guide the conversation in an intelligent way. I can't wait to learn and find the tools to personally growth at work and maybe even lead the effort in my own company.

Podcast Review

I have listened to all podcasts and really resonate with what they are saying. I look forward to the day when I can access all quests.

20-Minute Game Changer

I never thought in all my years I would be able to listen to a podcast that changed my entire outlook on what's possible. Maybe I'm in a place to receive this information. Let's just say, I'm happy I took the time to listen.

💕💕💕Love love love!! 💕💕💕

I absolutely love the MindValley podcast and listen to all the episodes. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this expansion podcast!

Just what I needed to hear!

Very timely for what I needed right now to get me going to make this year the best yet!! Life book should have been part of my life years ago!!! I feel like I’ve just been coasting along and not progressing toward where I wanted to be at this time in my journey. I’ve lost motivation because of total overwhelm and not a clear way to get there. Thank you for this awesome insight!

Interesting and Inspiring

This podcast really helped me clarify a lot of stuff about « working ». There’s a huge cultural message going around that if you want to be “successful”, fulfilled, or innovative, then you have to be an (online) entrepreneur and if you don’t do it and make huge strides within 6 months then something is wrong with you. But this podcast really clarifies and shows research on finding meaningful work in your own way. 💕 Thanks!

MindValley is transformative

This podcast on goal setting for 2020 has really been quite helpful for me and has given me a transformative view for setting goals from a life point of view. Thank you MindValley for all you do.

Great and inspirational

I truly appreciate the ideas and tips you can listen in the post cast and it let me very interested in taking the life book masterclass.

Setting Goals for 2020 with Jon & Missy

This was a powerful episode! It was just what I needed to hear to help me be sure to set realistic goals hat are true to me and Gods purpose for my life! Thanks Mind Valley!


This podcast just helped me understand why I wasn’t hitting my goals before and how I will be hitting them in the future. It has inspired me to do better!

Setting goals for 2020

Great pod cast! I’m setting two goals one business and one personal that will make me happy and are achievable. Thank you!


Fantastic content by Vishen. Love everything he puts out. There is so much to be learned and Vishen makes it easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

Very Inspiring

Loced the podcast. The information given was ver useful for me , since I want to launch my business and I am taking some steps towards this goal.

Entertaining and Informative!

The simple systems described will help you implement behaviors that create success. I must listen for entrepreneurs and employees alike.


Great interesting podcast with practical, applicable advice. I’m curious to see where it goes!

Very Confident in any Mind Valley Podcast

I am subscribed to Vishen’s ‘The Mindvalley Podcast’, and I just subscribed to this one as well! I’m looking forward to learning new perspectives on how I can utilize work to enhance my personal growth!!!

Personal & Professional Growth

I am so utterly grateful for movements and conversations such as these... It is of the utmost importance to recognize that personal and professional growth are two sides of the same coin! The conscious shift is upon us!!

Super Human Podcasts

These podcasts are filled with insight and inspiration!!!! This thought provoking platform is just what I have been looking for! With a grateful heart I thank Vishen and the Mindvalley team for providing this platform ❤️

Great motivation for 2020

I’ve already participated in b Life Book and this helped me think about hope I need to approach the goals I set in my Life Book for 2020. Keep it simple five personal goals, and five professional. Thank you

Anna Goldstein

Great idea, very profound discussion about moving ahead

Great advice

Enjoyed listening to this podcast about goal setting. Made me think differently about how to plan out my long and short term goals for this year.

It is a great helpful podcast. I love it and

It help me in all my activities today and every day

Good ideas

I’m a business coach and adviser. I have taught many entrepreneurs how to set goals within frame of their entire life. There are some good questions and ideas that would really help my clients.


This was an awesome and inspiring pod cast! I love the way it gave practical and way to use ways to begin marketing yourself now!

Topics or interviews?

Going in to this podcast, I wasn’t sure if the format was to pick a topic and have a guest spend the episode exploring the topic, or to pick a guest and interview them about “how to be superhuman at work” and then choose a title based on emerging themes. Based on my experience thus far, it seems to be more of the latter (?) I’ve gotten some good actionable insights from this show. But I might find it more useful if it were more topics-oriented, so I could choose an episode based on a workplace problem I’m trying to solve. Or, let the masterclasses and quests etc. be topics-oriented, and the podcast be an opportunity to learn more about the stories of each guest.

A Go To Source for Growth and Inspiration

MindValley gets it! They bring the best to help you be your best. Greg Zlevor

2020 Wisdom

I loved this podcast! The hosts give a clear explanation for how to set your intentions clearly and practically to execute your vision. Best advice: set your goals but focus on one month and one quarter at a time - micro chuncking - definitely going to implement this 💗🙏🤙

Goal Setting for 2020

I have been meaning to listen to the Lifebook webinar on Mindvalley, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. This was a great intro to it, what I really liked about it was that he talked about setting goals that one make you happy and two that you are not allowed to be unbalanced, wow, what is something that I have not heard before. I guess maybe it should go without saying but somehow we get caught up at the gym at the expense of our relationships, we work a zillion hours to get ahead and so on, so actually pointing that out, I believe makes a huge difference in how people go about setting their goals and acting them out!!

Better late than never!

I enjoyed this podcast, I will be setting aside some time this weekend to work on goals for this year. I definitely want to listen to some of the other episodes as well!

Made me stop in my tracks!

As I was getting ready for work I “ stumbled” across this podcast. ( Thank you Universe!) within the first couple of minutes I found myself sitting down and fully engrossed in the topic and the idea of effective goal setting by asking three questions- What do I really want to accomplish ? What am I willing to give up to achieve it? Will it make me happy ? After listening to the entire podcast I can say, while I will be late getting into the office this morning, I don’t have to think that I am late in showing up for my own life.... each day is the chance to recommit my focus and work toward achieving my goals. So worth the listen.

Very structured.

This podcast takes you through uncomplicated steps to firstly thinking on and secondly acting on your life goals in the immediate and long term future.

Excited to be excited

Can’t wait to learn more through this podcast! Mindvalley always has such amazing, actionable content presented with heart, logic and dedication, this podcast is no different. Come on 2020!!

Great Tips

Perfect listen for the start of the year. Great tips on making the right goals, and to find balance.

Powerful tools to enhance life...

Thanks for creating this podcast to help others change our lives. I’m a huge self development student and it has helped pull me through some tough times. The life book program and the interview with Jon Butcher is amazing!! Thanks again.

Setting goals

This podcast suggests 3 questions to help stay on track: Where do I set the bar? (Too high or too low can affect the goal) what price do I need to pay? (What we think we can do and what we actually do don’t always match) Will it make me happy? It’s easy to set a goal, but questions help us stay on track. Love their intentions of helping people move their lives forward.

Perfect New Years goal advice

I listened to the podcast with Jon Butcher with my wife and we both got a lot out of it and immediately wrote our resolutions down and discussed them. I’m grateful to have found this podcast and will make it a regular part of my weekly routine to listen.

Super humans at work - lifebook goal setting

Love listening to Jon and Missy Butcher - Lifebook sets you up to plan your life dreams and achieve your goals. Jon breaks down the goal setting process and encourages the most reluctant of us to become accountable for achieving what we say we want.

Amazing Podcast

I have listened to every Mindvalley podcast. I love the work of Vishen Lakiani and all his guests. My dream will become true once I will be able to do my first Quest! Working towards that goal each day! Thank you for sharing all this wisdom!

Great Ideas and Inspiring Stories

This is a great podcast. I loved listening to this Goal Setting for 2020 podcast episode with Jon Butcher. I am interested in taking the Lifebook class with Jon and Missy Butcher now. There are other podcasts here which I hope to listen to next as well.

The path to be more yourself

Reason is definitely the king in these podcasts. The more you reason what you hear, the more you grow. Can't get enough of it! Highly recommend it!

I Listen to this while commuting to work

Love the kind of speakers of you are bringing on Jason :)

Encouraging growth in the workplace

I listened to the first episode of the Superhumans At Work podcast by Mindvalley to find out what purpose it served. I think the purpose and objective of the podcast is great. It aims to help workers bring more passion, enthusiasm, and creativity to their work instead of feeling like it's just a job they have to do like a chore.

Kym Roberts-Hardesty/owner

Just what I needed to hear! Thanks.


I love that I can take something actionable away from these episodes. Inspirational and relevant content. Concise and effective. Fits perfectly into my morning routine. Well done.

Short sweet and packed full

I love that the pod cast is around 30 mins it fits right into my morning routine. Like all of Mindvalleys content this is just one more way to expand your mind and grow.

The MindValley experience in audio form!

Jason’s done a great job at bringing the MindValley experience to audio. Each episode is packed with a ton of value. I love that Jason doesn’t beat around the bush and gets right into it! Also the length of these episodes is perfect. Not too long not too short! 5/5.

So glad to see this!

Love the interviews on this podcast! Simple and to the point, not too long. Mindvalley always brings good content and Jason is a great host. Highly recommended.


I love the knowledge that’s being taught in these podcasts. This is a great podcast for anyone feeling stagnant in their life and/or work. This is how you do work/life balance right.

Brilliant and Masterful!

I have been totally glued to this Podcast, and can’t wait for more episodes! In each show, Jason Campbell and his special guests share valuable resources applicable to any and all business models and professions. My favorite part is that I come out of these episodes with a “nothing can stop me”, “go get em” attitude. What a great kickstart to any task ahead of me! Thank you Mindvalley, Jason, Vishen and all the featured guests! P.S. I wish I had access to this Podcast years ago! I highly recommend it for everyone, especially those in their earlier years (late teens and early twenties). It’s a hands down game changer!


Exactly the conversations we need to be having with ourselves, our teams, and our companies. Thank you Mind Valley!