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The best Minds

Superhumans at Work is a great launch from Mindvalley Anything from Mindvalley will be valuable and worth your time because it is the best minds with a forward thinking way of living. The host is easy and enjoyable to listen to.

Mindvalley has been life changing

Thank you Vishen and all the amazing guest you bring onto the Mindvalley podcast! Mindvalley itself has been such a life changing experience for me personally and I really enjoy listening to the podcast & mentoring program when I’m driving, at work or taking a walk! Thank you for all the amazing content you continue to put out! So greatful for you, the podcast guest and the Mindvalley team! 🙏🏼💚 Much love! -Daniel Reyes

Unprecedented motivation!

This is an amazing way to better oneself and encourage oneself to keep going when you feel like giving up! Highly recommended!

New Awesome Perspectives!

What I love most about the podcasts here are the new wisdom I glean from a different perspective. No matter what I listen to I know I’ll walk away with a surprising gem I can put to use immediately.

2020 Goals

Great Podcast on setting goals. Looking forward to starting the Quest.

Insightful podcast

I enjoyed listening to the goal setting podcast. It help me think about what it is I need to set for my intentions for this new year. I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions because I try leaving day to day and not force unrealistic expectations on myself. Setting a 90 day goal for myself seems like a better way to approach what I want to see happening in this new year. Thank you Mindvalley!

Immediately applicable advice

I listened to the first podcast and found nice, compact ideas that I can use and reuse for myself and others. The new year is a time for resolutions, and claiming back my time is going to be easy with the advice in these podcasts!

How to be In-distractable

I always think that I can keep track of the things I need to do at work and then I find myself off on a tangent on the internet looking at who was in a movie in 1983 on IMDB! This episode had so many good tips on how to become in-distractable and therefore more productive.

Thought provoking!

I love Mind Valley and now I am hooked on Super Humans at Work. It’s thought provoking, and I can’t wait to implement the suggestions for setting goals. I’ve enjoyed the classes I’ve taken through Mind Valley, and I love that I can listen to their podcasts. You don’t know what you are missing out on if you don’t try it.

How to be In-Distractible

Wow. I embarrassingly had not heard of Nir Eyal before I stumbled across this Podcast on Mindvalley. Noticing I have been very distracted in my life lately I thought I might find some tips by listening. Not only did I get some great tips on how to be In-Distractible, I also now understand WHY I am so distracted. I’ve tried out a few tips and I feel like I am getting back on track with my life. I didn’t really know I was off track. I just knew I wasn’t accomplishing much.

Wonderfully Inspirational!

GREAT insight and information! I feel it is going to help me tremendously in 2020 and YEARS to come. I’ll be listening to this again, AND sharing it! I’m really interested in taking the Lifebook Class. Thanks so much Jon & Nir!

The value of work

I'm so glad that Jason has this new podcast. He is a phenomenal host, one of the best. I like him because the properly paraphrases their guests, is respectful, summarizes the points, and knows how to dig deep with pertinent questions that guide the conversation in an intelligent way. I can't wait to learn and find the tools to personally growth at work and maybe even lead the effort in my own company.

Podcast Review

I have listened to all podcasts and really resonate with what they are saying. I look forward to the day when I can access all quests.

20-Minute Game Changer

I never thought in all my years I would be able to listen to a podcast that changed my entire outlook on what's possible. Maybe I'm in a place to receive this information. Let's just say, I'm happy I took the time to listen.

💕💕💕Love love love!! 💕💕💕

I absolutely love the MindValley podcast and listen to all the episodes. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this expansion podcast!

Just what I needed to hear!

Very timely for what I needed right now to get me going to make this year the best yet!! Life book should have been part of my life years ago!!! I feel like I’ve just been coasting along and not progressing toward where I wanted to be at this time in my journey. I’ve lost motivation because of total overwhelm and not a clear way to get there. Thank you for this awesome insight!

Interesting and Inspiring

This podcast really helped me clarify a lot of stuff about « working ». There’s a huge cultural message going around that if you want to be “successful”, fulfilled, or innovative, then you have to be an (online) entrepreneur and if you don’t do it and make huge strides within 6 months then something is wrong with you. But this podcast really clarifies and shows research on finding meaningful work in your own way. 💕 Thanks!

MindValley is transformative

This podcast on goal setting for 2020 has really been quite helpful for me and has given me a transformative view for setting goals from a life point of view. Thank you MindValley for all you do.

Great and inspirational

I truly appreciate the ideas and tips you can listen in the post cast and it let me very interested in taking the life book masterclass.

Setting Goals for 2020 with Jon & Missy

This was a powerful episode! It was just what I needed to hear to help me be sure to set realistic goals hat are true to me and Gods purpose for my life! Thanks Mind Valley!


This podcast just helped me understand why I wasn’t hitting my goals before and how I will be hitting them in the future. It has inspired me to do better!

Setting goals for 2020

Great pod cast! I’m setting two goals one business and one personal that will make me happy and are achievable. Thank you!


Fantastic content by Vishen. Love everything he puts out. There is so much to be learned and Vishen makes it easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

Very Inspiring

Loced the podcast. The information given was ver useful for me , since I want to launch my business and I am taking some steps towards this goal.

Entertaining and Informative!

The simple systems described will help you implement behaviors that create success. I must listen for entrepreneurs and employees alike.


Great interesting podcast with practical, applicable advice. I’m curious to see where it goes!

Very Confident in any Mind Valley Podcast

I am subscribed to Vishen’s ‘The Mindvalley Podcast’, and I just subscribed to this one as well! I’m looking forward to learning new perspectives on how I can utilize work to enhance my personal growth!!!

Personal & Professional Growth

I am so utterly grateful for movements and conversations such as these... It is of the utmost importance to recognize that personal and professional growth are two sides of the same coin! The conscious shift is upon us!!

Super Human Podcasts

These podcasts are filled with insight and inspiration!!!! This thought provoking platform is just what I have been looking for! With a grateful heart I thank Vishen and the Mindvalley team for providing this platform ❤️

Great motivation for 2020

I’ve already participated in b Life Book and this helped me think about hope I need to approach the goals I set in my Life Book for 2020. Keep it simple five personal goals, and five professional. Thank you