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Anna Goldstein

Great idea, very profound discussion about moving ahead

Great advice

Enjoyed listening to this podcast about goal setting. Made me think differently about how to plan out my long and short term goals for this year.

It is a great helpful podcast. I love it and

It help me in all my activities today and every day

Good ideas

I’m a business coach and adviser. I have taught many entrepreneurs how to set goals within frame of their entire life. There are some good questions and ideas that would really help my clients.


This was an awesome and inspiring pod cast! I love the way it gave practical and way to use ways to begin marketing yourself now!

Topics or interviews?

Going in to this podcast, I wasn’t sure if the format was to pick a topic and have a guest spend the episode exploring the topic, or to pick a guest and interview them about “how to be superhuman at work” and then choose a title based on emerging themes. Based on my experience thus far, it seems to be more of the latter (?) I’ve gotten some good actionable insights from this show. But I might find it more useful if it were more topics-oriented, so I could choose an episode based on a workplace problem I’m trying to solve. Or, let the masterclasses and quests etc. be topics-oriented, and the podcast be an opportunity to learn more about the stories of each guest.

A Go To Source for Growth and Inspiration

MindValley gets it! They bring the best to help you be your best. Greg Zlevor

2020 Wisdom

I loved this podcast! The hosts give a clear explanation for how to set your intentions clearly and practically to execute your vision. Best advice: set your goals but focus on one month and one quarter at a time - micro chuncking - definitely going to implement this 💗🙏🤙

Goal Setting for 2020

I have been meaning to listen to the Lifebook webinar on Mindvalley, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. This was a great intro to it, what I really liked about it was that he talked about setting goals that one make you happy and two that you are not allowed to be unbalanced, wow, what is something that I have not heard before. I guess maybe it should go without saying but somehow we get caught up at the gym at the expense of our relationships, we work a zillion hours to get ahead and so on, so actually pointing that out, I believe makes a huge difference in how people go about setting their goals and acting them out!!

Better late than never!

I enjoyed this podcast, I will be setting aside some time this weekend to work on goals for this year. I definitely want to listen to some of the other episodes as well!

Made me stop in my tracks!

As I was getting ready for work I “ stumbled” across this podcast. ( Thank you Universe!) within the first couple of minutes I found myself sitting down and fully engrossed in the topic and the idea of effective goal setting by asking three questions- What do I really want to accomplish ? What am I willing to give up to achieve it? Will it make me happy ? After listening to the entire podcast I can say, while I will be late getting into the office this morning, I don’t have to think that I am late in showing up for my own life.... each day is the chance to recommit my focus and work toward achieving my goals. So worth the listen.

Very structured.

This podcast takes you through uncomplicated steps to firstly thinking on and secondly acting on your life goals in the immediate and long term future.

Excited to be excited

Can’t wait to learn more through this podcast! Mindvalley always has such amazing, actionable content presented with heart, logic and dedication, this podcast is no different. Come on 2020!!

Great Tips

Perfect listen for the start of the year. Great tips on making the right goals, and to find balance.

Powerful tools to enhance life...

Thanks for creating this podcast to help others change our lives. I’m a huge self development student and it has helped pull me through some tough times. The life book program and the interview with Jon Butcher is amazing!! Thanks again.

Setting goals

This podcast suggests 3 questions to help stay on track: Where do I set the bar? (Too high or too low can affect the goal) what price do I need to pay? (What we think we can do and what we actually do don’t always match) Will it make me happy? It’s easy to set a goal, but questions help us stay on track. Love their intentions of helping people move their lives forward.

Perfect New Years goal advice

I listened to the podcast with Jon Butcher with my wife and we both got a lot out of it and immediately wrote our resolutions down and discussed them. I’m grateful to have found this podcast and will make it a regular part of my weekly routine to listen.

Super humans at work - lifebook goal setting

Love listening to Jon and Missy Butcher - Lifebook sets you up to plan your life dreams and achieve your goals. Jon breaks down the goal setting process and encourages the most reluctant of us to become accountable for achieving what we say we want.

Amazing Podcast

I have listened to every Mindvalley podcast. I love the work of Vishen Lakiani and all his guests. My dream will become true once I will be able to do my first Quest! Working towards that goal each day! Thank you for sharing all this wisdom!

Great Ideas and Inspiring Stories

This is a great podcast. I loved listening to this Goal Setting for 2020 podcast episode with Jon Butcher. I am interested in taking the Lifebook class with Jon and Missy Butcher now. There are other podcasts here which I hope to listen to next as well.

The path to be more yourself

Reason is definitely the king in these podcasts. The more you reason what you hear, the more you grow. Can't get enough of it! Highly recommend it!

I Listen to this while commuting to work

Love the kind of speakers of you are bringing on Jason :)

Encouraging growth in the workplace

I listened to the first episode of the Superhumans At Work podcast by Mindvalley to find out what purpose it served. I think the purpose and objective of the podcast is great. It aims to help workers bring more passion, enthusiasm, and creativity to their work instead of feeling like it's just a job they have to do like a chore.

Kym Roberts-Hardesty/owner

Just what I needed to hear! Thanks.


I love that I can take something actionable away from these episodes. Inspirational and relevant content. Concise and effective. Fits perfectly into my morning routine. Well done.

Short sweet and packed full

I love that the pod cast is around 30 mins it fits right into my morning routine. Like all of Mindvalleys content this is just one more way to expand your mind and grow.

The MindValley experience in audio form!

Jason’s done a great job at bringing the MindValley experience to audio. Each episode is packed with a ton of value. I love that Jason doesn’t beat around the bush and gets right into it! Also the length of these episodes is perfect. Not too long not too short! 5/5.

So glad to see this!

Love the interviews on this podcast! Simple and to the point, not too long. Mindvalley always brings good content and Jason is a great host. Highly recommended.


I love the knowledge that’s being taught in these podcasts. This is a great podcast for anyone feeling stagnant in their life and/or work. This is how you do work/life balance right.

Brilliant and Masterful!

I have been totally glued to this Podcast, and can’t wait for more episodes! In each show, Jason Campbell and his special guests share valuable resources applicable to any and all business models and professions. My favorite part is that I come out of these episodes with a “nothing can stop me”, “go get em” attitude. What a great kickstart to any task ahead of me! Thank you Mindvalley, Jason, Vishen and all the featured guests! P.S. I wish I had access to this Podcast years ago! I highly recommend it for everyone, especially those in their earlier years (late teens and early twenties). It’s a hands down game changer!