Nov. 30, 2021

The Art And Science Of Marketing - Marisha Lakhiani

Great marketing encourages people to make empowered choices for themselves

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In this episode, we get a peek inside Mindvalley's marketing methods. The mindset where Art and Science of marketing blend together to bring personal transformation to the masses. Marisha as Head of Marketing shares her journey on how to do marketing ethically, how to lead the team, and the struggles and learnings along the way.

Marisha Lakhiani is the Head of Marketing at Mindvalley. She also works as a fractional CMO and consults companies on digital marketing. She's spoken at conferences such as AdWorld and continues to grow Mindvalley's reach.

Listen out for:

  • Understanding the blend of Art and Science in Marketing
  • How to use sales and marketing tactics with integrity
  • Using personal growth to gain clarity
  • The difference between Managing and Leading a team


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