Oct. 5, 2021

Growth Blueprint for Entrepreneurs - Alex Hormozi of Acquisition.com

Growth Blueprint for Entrepreneurs - Alex Hormozi of Acquisition.com

When you learn to solve every problem your customers have, you win.

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This conversation will leave you fired up and ready to bring your creation to life and make it wildly successful. Alex shares his journey on how he found himself struggling for cashflow to discovering the real needs of his clients and providing it to them. His views on how to deliver value will make you think differently about how to treat every single customer. Get ready for a masterclass on bringing together great marketing, great product delivery and bringing your vision to life faster than ever.

Alex Hormozi is an American Entrepreneur and a businessman who founded and established three businesses; Gym Launch, ALAN, and Prestige Labs.. He owns a portfolio of companies under his umbrella company Acquisition.com. As of 2021 Acquisition.com companies generate upwards of $85,000,000 per year in cumulative sales across four different industries (software, service, e-commerce, and brick & mortar). His companies serve 4500+ businesses and 100,000+ consumers. He’s widely considered an acquisition and monetization expert and is a guest contributor on Forbes & Entrepreneur.

Listen out for:

  • Learn about how to Stand out with a "Grand Slam Offer"
  • The Importance of Product Market Fit
  • How you might be thrown into the unknown and that is a great thing
  • Why you need to look into your bucket of skills and find the work where you use them.
  • The 3 key activities of a business and where you operate the best


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