June 18, 2020

How To 'Work' With the Menstrual Cycle for Maximum Productivity and Wellbeing' - Alisa Vitti

How To 'Work' With the Menstrual Cycle for Maximum Productivity and Wellbeing' - Alisa Vitti

Feeling...out of flow?

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Feeling...out of flow?

Today we’re joined by the one and only Alisa Vitti, founder of the world’s first Hormone Center for Women and CEO of FLOLiving. In this fascinating talk, we’ll be deep-diving into the science behind the female hormonal cycle that goes way beyond your period. In this special podcast, we’ll be covering potentially life-changing content for women and men too in the workplace and beyond.

Listen out for:

  • The Cycle Syncing Method - an explanation of the best tool to harness your energy to become a Superwoman at work.
  • Why discussions around monthly cycles are so taboo.
  • The real effect of intermittent fasting and high-intensity training on women in their reproductive years.
  • The difference between male and female bodies beyond hormones.
  • The Infradian Biological Rhythm & the link to 6 Key Systems of the female body.
  • Your Energy Bank Account - how to keep it topped up.
  • The Female POWR Acronym to remember the 4 Attributes of the Monthly Cycle.

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