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Dec. 28, 2021

Can YOU be a top salesperson? - David Kurlan

You will be surprised on what qualities really make you succeed

This episode is so much fun. We explain why we naturally have a negative association with sales. We talk about what you can do right now to have more results, more predictability and more fun when you sell. There is so much to unpack about stigma, beliefs, the reality of sales and, most surprising, how amazing and fulfilling sales can be, you might realize you always had it in you (even as an introvert).

Dave is the founder and CEO of Objective Management Group, Inc. (OMG), the industry leader in sales assessments and sales force evaluations and named the Top Sales Assessment Tool from 2011 – 2020. He is also the CEO of Kurlan & Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in sales force development. He possesses 35 plus years of experience in all facets of sales development, including consulting, training, coaching, recruiting, systems, processes, and metrics.

Listen out for:

  • The surprising upsides in your life that happens when you embrace sales
  • Why so many sales people are actually terrible at sales (and ruin it for everyone)
  • What it takes to be a great sales person (DNA or trained?)
  • The first step to improve your sales right now


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