Sept. 30, 2021

Building your Online Brand with Virtual Events - Jesse Eker

Building your Online Brand with Virtual Events - Jesse Eker

You don't get into a business to be famous, you need to get into business to solve a problem.

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Let's jump right into the limitations we might have when it comes to building our brand online. It's very important especially for business owners out there. Jesse Eker takes his experience from taking a physical event business and turning it into a virtual event business and shares how you can use the same principles to quickly and effectively build your online brand. Of course, it will start with removing those mental blocks around putting ourselves out there and selling what we care about.

Jesse Eker is the founder of Build Your Brand Online with a goal of helping 1,000 online coaches, course creators, and experts create 7-Figure Brands using the Breakthrough Method! He is also the Managing Director and Co-Creator of Harv Eker Online. He has the honor to not only continue his father’s (T. Harv Eker's) legacy, but supports entrepreneurs and aspirational entrepreneurs to succeed both personally and financially!

Listen out for:

  • The limitation with growing your personal brand as the primary goal
  • Using Virtual Events as a tool to quickly build your audience
  • Breaking blocks around putting ourselves in the public
  • Changing our toxic relationship with successful people


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