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Using Flow for Conscious Impact - JV Crum III

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Listening to this magic conversation with JV Crum III is the beginning of a series of synchronicities that can bring you closer to your first million. Do the words energy, vibration, flow, and intuition resonate with you? Are you ready to expand your view on which techniques and strategies can help you grow your business? Listen out to this powerful masterclass from JV Crum III.

JV Crum III (entrepreneur since 4-yo, founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute & Director of Conscious World Foundation) helps entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their first or next million and provides global youth leadership training. Graduated in Law, Business, and Psychology, JV specialties are NLP, hypnosis, and energy work. He's filled with wisdom about consciousness, businesses, and leadership, and loves guiding conscious entrepreneurs through his podcast (Conscious Millionaire Show), and his book (Conscious Millionaire).

Listen out for:

- A 60-seconds exercise to become more present
- The 3-steps formula to get into flow
- Why being open to synchronicities is the key for miracles
- The paradox of surrendering into flow for always being in flow
- How to build a conscious business and get wealthy on the way


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