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Transform and update your sales mindset by listening this human conversation with Andy Paul. If prospecting feels like hunting, and clients are prey, there’s a lot you can learn from the new way of selling. Use connection, curiosity, understanding, or generosity as core values to amp up your sales and sell without selling out.

Having sold any kind of item in the past, Andy Paul now coaches and consults CEO's and sales teams. He's worked with all kind of companies from start-ups to Fortune 100. He ranks #8 in the Top 50 Global Sales Experts in Linkedin. Let the host of Sales Enablement (aka Accelerate!) podcast, and author of Zero-Time Selling, Amp Up Your Sales, and Sell Without Selling Out show you the new values of selling.

Listen out for:

- Why NOT TO apply (mindlessly) what you learn about sales
- The 4 core human skills of the modern salesperson
- The updated mindset to start as a young salesperson
- Why women DON’T fit in the old way of selling
- How to be true to your values while selling


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- Andy’s Book, Sell Without Selling Out: A Guide to Success on Your Own Terms

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