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Build Authority with Authenticity - Robert Riopel

In this conversation, you’ll learn why owning who you are is the fastest way to authority. Riopel dissects the 2 daily steps you have to take towards your authentic self, letting go of what others think about you, and finding the sweet spot between over-analyzing and improvising in your business.

Starting as a delivery guy for Domino’s Pizza, Robert Riopel has made it all the way to become the creator of AmentorA (web platform), and the author of Success Left a Clue, (book, and podcast) for mentoring others grow, develop and achieve their dreams. He’s moved by service for 20 years and has impacted over 250,00 people as a coach, speaker, and mentor in the world of personal development.

Listen out for:

- Why chasing authority is the new addiction
- What is the critical work you must do so the “fame” doesn’t crush you
- How to show up your authentic self, and make daily adjustments.
- Why let go of what you think other people think about you right now


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