May 31, 2022

Tips for Public Speaking at a TEDx Talk - Elena Pawęta

Selling With Love is more than a podcast! Join the community of like-minded entrepreneurs ready to overcome their sales blockages and transform the planet at: ===== Ever thought about TEDx as an opportunity to gain exposure and build your personal...

Selling With Love is more than a podcast! Get FREE sales training to find and enroll the right clients, expand your impact, and grow your business in a way that feels good in the short and long term.


Ever thought about TEDx as an opportunity to gain exposure and build your personal brand? Elena Pawęta is a TEDx talk organizer in Poland and she’s coaching clients that are interested in getting on the stage. The benefits of presenting your ideas are huge, you can get contacted by journalists from the other side of the planet, your talk can get thousands of views, and adding the TED logo to your website will give you instant credibility and authority. But, it’s important to double-check before applying. Listen to Elena’s tips to know how to do the process right.


🎙️Guest’s Bio

Elena Pawęta is a Ph.D. in economics, researcher, assistant professor, and lecturer in International Entrepreneurship, Communication, and Business. She’s also the organizer of TEDx conferences in Poland and coaches top speakers to get 1 million views in their talks. She’s the host of the IDEAS+LEADERS podcast for business leaders and entrepreneurs sharing ideas about communication, leadership, and relationship building.


👂Listen out for:

  • How to get in a TEDx talk
  • What to write in your TEDx application
  • The benefits and impact of participating in a TEDx event
  • Check-list to know which TEDx event is for you
  • Tips on becoming a TEDx organizer




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