July 6, 2021

The Key To An Innovative And Effective Team - Michelle Natalya Moore

The Key To An Innovative And Effective Team - Michelle Natalya Moore

“Focus is a skill that can be trained.”

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When innovators have the right balance between attention and distraction, the result is higher individual wellbeing, innovation, and effectiveness. Do you want to truly understand why balancing how we focus and disperse attention is the key to a stronger company, with sustained market advantage and social impact? Then stay tuned, because our guest today, Michelle Natalya Moore, founded MindEQuity in 2014 after 20 years in Big 4 consulting. For a decade, she served as an equity partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. She has an MBA and is a PDMA Certified New Product Development Professional. . Join Jason Marc Campbell and Michelle Natalya Moore, Organizational Focus Builder/Expert, in a conversation on why attention is the most valuable asset, especially for knowledge workers and anyone who mostly thinks for a living. 


Michelle Natalya Moore is the Founder of MindEQuity, a management consultancy bringing 21st-century tools and practices to the forefront of team performance. In addition to her work with MindEQuity, Michelle is a member of MIT’s Social Presencing teaching team, a set of body wisdom practices enabling teams to harness attention for insight and innovation. She is the author of a chapter in Presencing Theory U, Book 3: Collective Perspectives on Presencing, University of Laval. She is also a speaker with MacKay CEO Forums, Horasis Global Meeting, and Management Leadership Forum. Michelle has been featured in the 2020 Digital Wellness Report and across various online media, podcasts and has appeared on the Voice of America Business Channel. 


Listen out for:

- The difference between productivity and effectiveness.

- How wrong company culture can decrease focus. 

- Why we feel anxious when we receive a new message.

- The level of openness in companies about focus training.

- The importance of buddy wisdom practice in teams.



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