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Nov. 11, 2021

The Business of Numerology - Andrew Gabelic - Teledipity

The Business of a Spiritual System

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In this episode, I bring on the man who has created a platform that I use to find inspiration on a weekly basis. We have a fantastic conversation around the struggles and breakthroughs of building the business. Overcoming resistance to sell, especially if fulfillment is a concern. And as a business, we talk about numerology and how you can use it to predict your focus areas in sales and business.

Andrew Gabelic is the CEO & Founder of Teledipity, a free pocket life coach with an eerie ability to send you the right self-improvement content at the right time (based on your personality and life stage)

Teledipity taps into the fast-growing demand for horoscopes to deliver tailored, targeted and useful self-improvement content through Pythagoras’ theory of 9 year cycles (commonly known as numerology). A fascinating system that divides life into patterns of lessons and opportunities, it drives their website’s carefully curated serendipitous weekly emails, book recommendations and original content (always designed to hit you at the right time).

Listen out for:

  • How numerology is a spiritual system which you can use to support your flow
  • Listening out for signs that you might be on the right path
  • Why developing your craft is important but could be a roadblock too
  • The importance of building an audience first
  • Conversations with users for product development


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