June 1, 2021

Techniques To Help You Get Rid Of Self-doubt - Sarah Pendrick

Techniques To Help You Get Rid Of Self-doubt - Sarah Pendrick

“The way that you can deal with self-doubt is by talking about it.”

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Our guest in this episode, Sarah Pendrick, is the founder of the women empowerment movement and lifestyle brand GirlTalk Network. Sarah has supported thousands of women to reach their highest calling by embracing who they were always meant to be. On this live call, Jason Marc Campbell and Sarah Pendrick teach you how you will fall madly in love with yourself and feel worthy of creating your dreams and desires. You will also discover how to embody your true power through practices that release people-pleasing, playing small, needing external validation, and live in alignment with your highest knowing.


Sarah Pendrick is the Founder of one of the original women-supporting women movements, The GirlTalk Network (originally GirlTalk LA), and the other leg of their 501c3 Foundation. Her mission is to empower women of all ages while serving as a resource for young women. Sarah is a self-love advocate, community influencer, life coach, writer, empowerment speaker, and philanthropist. With a degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Family Therapy, Sarah developed a famous women’s event that benefits a custom empowerment program for young women. She travels all over the United States to speak to women and provides them with support, education, and empowerment.


Listen out for:

- Sarah’s inspiring life journey and the story behind her book.

- Ways to change our expectations. 

- How to start dealing with self-doubt. 

- Sarah’s experience of self-doubt while writing her book.

- Techniques to have more self-love and be more self-aware.



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