Dec. 16, 2021

Setting Goals to Grow your Business - Niyc Pidgeon

Don't let others tell you what goals are right for you

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If you've felt stuck or overwhelmed by the abundance of messages telling you to do so many different things in different ways to be "successful", it might leave you feeling more drained and actually freeze you. In this episode, we talk about the issues that exist around building your business that make it unnecessarily hard and unexciting. Niyc shared frameworks and maps that let you check in on your progress and goals to ensure you are well support and ready to take it to the level that feels right for you.

Niyc Pidgeon is founder of the multi million dollar brand Unstoppable Success, creator of The Positive Psychology Coach Academy Certification, and she is in a mission to help millions of people change their lives through positive psychology and entrepreneurship. Her brands primarily serve an audience of women entrepreneurs who desire to develop their personal and business resources so they can leverage their business model, scale their offerings, serve more people, make more money, and be happier and more fulfilled doing it.

Listen out for:

  • How to align your goals to what you truly want using the EPIC model
  • Supporting any goal you have using the HOPE map
  • Making sure you separate what you want vs what people tell you to do
  • How to shift your view on sales into a beautify process of service


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