April 14, 2022

Selling Is Human To Human Communication - Alice Kemper

40 Years of Sales Experience

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Do you believe that “The only source of knowledge is experience.” A. E. If so, get ready, because Alice Kemper has 40 years of experience in sales and sales training. In this conversation she shares key mindsets and attitudes that you can change radically how you approach selling. You’ll also learn the importance of communication, especially listening, for becoming a top seller. Pay attention and discover what’s the “Duck” belief system and why those that keep on pushing with responsibility succeed in business.


Guest’s Bio

With more than 40 years of experience, Alice Kemper (Founder of Sales Training Consultants, and SalesTrainingWerk.com) helps organizations thorough the processes of sales, hiring, leaderships building and employee retention. Her mission with sales reps is to make them achieve their quotas consistently thanks to her trainings, energizers and motivational message. Her 3E Sales Accelerator Technique is used by sales managers to get high-speed training and coaching. She's been recognized by the Association of Professional Sales Women as Sales Person of the Year.


Listen out for:

  • The reason why we perceive salesmen as “Bad guys”
  • The core beliefs you need to improve your sales
  • How to get better at communication with your clients
  • Why most companies miss in their sales trainings
  • How to learn sales without getting into a degree on selling




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