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Love the Selling With Love Podcast

This is the best podcast for all things related to sales and marketing! Jason is an excellent host and the people he chooses to interview are all about authenticity and integrity and bring a fresh perspective on the sales and marketing process-That it should come from a place of Love-loving the client, loving the impact, loving your product, loving the process and loving yourself. I look forward to learning more from every episode!

Awesome host

Jason is an excellent host! I had the pleasure of coming on to the show as a guest, and I must say I was blown away by the quality of the podcast. From pre-recording steps, to the interview itself, he asked me very insightful questions that enabled me to share interesting info on the show. I highly recommend the podcast to any entrepreneur in the digital world.

Great Podcast

Love the positive energy in each podcast. The co hosts are all so knowledgeable. Happy I found this podcast.

Next Level Sales

The information provided, if implemented, could easily be the tipping point for your sales career. Bringing the intuitive aspect of our beings into our career.. the outcome could be nothing short of magical. I’m excited to share this podcast with my fellow sales and service partners.

Fantastic tools all over his podcast

I’ve been following Jason for quite a while. He’s been one my master during all my entrepreneurial beginnings. All his advices has helped me so much. Awesome podcast!!

Hopping aboard the Selling With Love Train

I love this refreshing and enlightening perspective on sales through Jason’s compelling interviews with leaders in the field. Jason really listens to what is being said and asks relevant questions—often the ones that I was thinking in my mind. Add to that Jason’s soothing voice and you have a favorite recipe for selling with love!

My go -to!

Absolutely love each and every conversation that Jason brings to the table. He asks thought provoking and interesting questions and is able to extract incredible insights from each guest! I highly recommend!

Absolutely love this podcast!

Absolutely love this podcast! Short, concise and always something new to learn!

My favorite podcast !

I love listening to this podcast everytime I'm stuck with my new business idea. Jason has a great way of bringing the best ideas from the guests and those people are amazing. I love it.


Love this Podcast. The guests each Podcast are awesome, and really give you something to think about! Always something new to learn!

Thank you

The best changed my work environment

Short, sweet and wise.

Love this podcast and the way it’s facilitated. It gives me the company I need on my new path of business owner and gives me so many different perspectives and knowledge about things I’m still learning about. The length of the episodes is optimal for your daily dose of knowledge and inspiration! Thank you!


I love that every time I can learn something new from all the different aspects of growing my career.


If you want to build a business or succeed in your business life with a conscious and compassionate manner, this is the place to be!!! Highly worth your valuable time.


Learning so much with every podcast! Thank you!

Important takeaways in every episode

I have loved every episode I’ve listened to. Each has so many insights that I feel like I need to take notes! Super helpful to change perspective and take actionable steps to improve your focus and work life. Thank you for such great content!

Quick listens w/ powerful punch

Excellent interviewer and inspiring guests. This podcast is now at the top of my list.


Jason Marc’s podcast inspires. As I listen to successful leaders sharing their own challenges, it keeps me motivated to continue my work and hopeful of what can be possible. Jason Marc asks thoughtful questions and keeps the interviews interesting by actively engaging in conversation with his guests. The range of topics and guests provides something for everyone. Most importantly to me, I learn new lessons from others experiences in every episode!

Exceptional Content

I’m a MindValley member and new to this podcast. Jason is an exceptional interviewer and asks relevant questions that truly benefit the listener. I’m thrilled to be a part of MindValley and be surrounded by Superhumans who want to elevate. A fellow superhuman who is transforming among the other. Xoxo

Great source of insight

As an educator, I was hesitant to get into this podcast despite being a big Mindvalley fan because it seemed geared only toward businessmen or entrepreneurs, but the content is very applicable not just to any workplace, but also for different skills that are valuable in life like leadership and relationships. Jason does a phenomenal job of drawing insight from his guests and making it relevant to the listeners. He is also great at asking questions and connecting the daily content with prior knowledge or universally accepted truths. This is one podcast that is worth subscribing to and applying its lessons to daily life one at a time.

My favorite part of my day

I really love the actionable insights each and every episode brings to listeners. I listen to Superhumans at Work or the Mindvalley podcast every morning while walking my dog and it’s really the best part of my day.


Listening to this podcast during my morning workouts has shifted my perspective to such a degree that I feel like I need to pay for it. The conversations are often lofty but also very practical to apply. The methods I’ve applied myself have been proven effective again... and again. In the best possible light you can shine this in, Jason Campbell catches me off guard. Sometimes he does things that leaves me wondering how he got so good at it. For example, I’ve noticed that he summarizes the podcast episodes extremely well. No matter how lofty the conversation, he condenses it into a more efficient version that doesn’t lose any of the original essence. And, I’m not sure if he’s taking notes. Active listening is one thing, but how does he get so good at maintaining all that information in such a way that he’s then able to explain it again so fluently?

Game changer - You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been an avid podcast listener for the past few years, but it wasn’t until I started listening to Mindvalley’s podcast that I suddenly found myself taking risks, dreaming bigger, and building a life for myself that I am proud of. As soon as Super Humans at Work came out, I added it to my playlist and now find it to be my go-to show. What’s so great about this podcast? - The people interviewed are incredibly diverse - they represent a huge variety of fields of work, which opens your eyes to different career paths that are out there - Jason is an excellent interviewer, and his intros and summaries of the conversations are the best I’ve heard anywhere - There’s ample opportunity for you to take what you hear and put it into practice in your life - this is where ‘game changer’ comes in. Take action and you will see results. Because of this podcast I’ve managed to accomplish the following since the pandemic started: - Relocated from a major city to a farm outside of a town pop. 2500 - Joined a mastermind for entrepreneurs and developed a barter partnership with a graphic designer/branding specialist who is at the top of their field - Landed my dream job overseeing food systems development in a 9-county region - Spent 7 weeks living and working in CostaRica and having a wild tropical adventure - Developed an arrangement to rent a cabin at a lake resort for a very affordable rate through the winter All in all, I attribute a large amount of my success to the continued inspiration and motivation that this podcast provides. Thank you, Jason, for bringing such light to my day!

This podcast is an energy shot among podcasts

I like many podcasts. But, considering attention time, driving and delivering best value. I often go this podcast. The design of the podcast is brilliant. Well, he even refers the source - that makes the mind clear and at ease.

If you listen to no other podcast....

Then listen to this one. Jason is a bottomless wealth of useful and life enhancing information. He always gets relevant and knowledgeable guests. This is the podcast to which I listen most frequently. I think every single working human should listen to tune every single episode.

Fantastic, Actionable Content

This isn’t your average interview podcast. Jason is a master at guest selection and interviewing, combing the two to create incredibly engaging and highly actionable episodes. If you’re looking for a podcast that delivers value you can implement right after you listen, Superhumans at Work needs to be on your must-listen list.

Gem content 💎

I get so much values from those episodes!! Jason always brings amazing guests who are so knowledgeable 🧠 One of my favorite podcasts to listen to every week!!

A tribe of mentors helping you 10X your impact at work and life!

Jason brings together the world’s most influential experts and extracts golden nuggets of wisdom with great questions so we can become more effective at work and increase our impact. I love that the episodes are around 30 mins, just enough to get valuable knowledge and inspiration without having to commit too much time. This is one of my go-to podcasts daily. Thank you Jason and Mindvalley!

Must Listen

I’ve been listening to Superhumans at Work for a few months now. With every episode, I am learning incredible and valuable lessons. Mindvalley is transformative and Jason takes this podcast to another level with extremely relevant and talented guests. The episode with Bob Burg - The Golden Rule of Successful Selling is particularly eye opening. Sales is never about you, it’s about adding value to the other person! I’ve heard of this concept before, but listening to Bob Burg discuss his go-giver principle is simply powerful. I can’t recommend this podcast enough, go and listen! You won’t regret it.

One of the best!

Jason is great host, and this podcast is very informative! It provides motivation and great advice to keep you and your business going. It touches on topics and soft skills that are often overlooked. A must listen!