Jan. 20, 2022

Resignation, Start and Scale - Stephynie Malik

Global trends and changes are coming. You can be ready...

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Join this conversation as we discuss the global trends around the great resignation and what to expect at various business stages. This episode will be powerful for those who just started on their own or are facing a shift in the way they work. You might be changing hats from Founder to CEO, employee to entrepreneur. Powerful insights on what to focus on and more importantly, what mistakes to avoid, makes this chat with Stephynie particularly powerful.

Stephynie Malik is CEO & Founder of SMALIK Enterprises (SME), a firm dedicated to serving clients globally who are in need of Executive Transformation, Crisis Management, and Business Consulting. She has also established a team of world class experts to ensure SME delivers the highest level of service and results to its clients globally. Her business career spans 25+ years in developing specialized knowledge, operational experience and reputation for achieving exceptional results, quickly.

Listen out for:

  • a brief understanding of global business trends with engagement
  • The surprising truth of what happens when you start your own business
  • Why gurus might not have the answer and not all are created the same
  • What you will need to focus on as a self employed vs scaling organization


Go to Sellingwithlove.com for video access to the show or directly to youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5VaR6Z3wfElWFZn64ugOBw

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