June 16, 2020

Ready, Set, Growth Hack! - Nader Sabry

Ready, Set, Growth Hack! - Nader Sabry

Growth hacking is a discipline, rather than just a task

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‘Growth hacking is a discipline, rather than just a task.’

Known as ‘the guy you don't want your competition to hire’, celebrated Growth-Hacker Nader Sabry joins host Jason Campbell in today’s Superhumans at Work episode. Tune in to take a deep dive into what growth hacking really looks like and how to implement it as a discipline in your business.

Listen out for:

  • The clear patterns behind businesses that fail and those that exponentially grow.
  • The Experiment Sweet Spot - how many experiments should you carry out for business success.
  • The 3 Elements to a successful business experiment.
  • Nader’s surprising piece of advice when it comes to what to do next amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Top 3 Rules for a Growth Hack.

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