Sept. 16, 2021

Overcoming Resistance to Change - Rick Maurer

Overcoming Resistance to Change - Rick Maurer

A key thing we need to work on is building trust. Because even if people don't like the idea initially, they will keep listening if they trust you.

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Seventy percent of change initiatives fail in the workplace. Why is that? We see a new idea we want to push forward to be such a clear improvement, yet we face not only resistance, but sometimes even strong opposition. In the episode, we talk about how this happens more often than it should. We look into the key reasons why humans resist change as part of our nature. Finally, we talk about how you can approach change management in a much more powerful way.


Rick Maurer is the president of Maurer & Associates, a consulting firm that provides leaders who want to lead the change expertise to help them identify even deeply hidden resistance and turn that opposition into support. His approach to leading change is unique. He focuses on two fundamental questions: Why do people support us? Why do people resist us or our ideas? Understanding how to break through resistance is key to turning skepticism and opposition into support for new initiatives. If leaders understand resistance they can often avoid it before it occurs – or get things back on track when a change is about to derail.


Listen out for:

  • What are Three reasons people resist your ideas
  • The Powerful Question you can in any meeting to get people on board with change.
  • How we sometimes fall Blindly in Love with our ideas and the trap it creates
  • Why some people get all their ideas accepted and others always get ignored.


  • Rick's website for tools for change from his book:
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