July 12, 2022

Marketing Basics for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs - Erik Huberman

Selling With Love is more than a podcast! Join the community of like-minded entrepreneurs ready to overcome their sales blockages and transform the planet at: ===== How much do you think you know about marketing? Erik Huberman, the founder of Hawke...

Selling With Love is more than a podcast! Get FREE sales training to find and enroll the right clients, expand your impact, and grow your business in a way that feels good in the short and long term.



How much do you think you know about marketing? Erik Huberman, the founder of Hawke Media, brings a powerful message: if your revenue is lower than $10k a month don’t delegate your marketing to an agency, and when you hire one, consider that most of them aren’t good at what they do. Successful businesses understand the principles of awareness, nurturing, and trust; know the Purchase Cycles of their customers, and balance their patience healthily. Don’t blame the new iOS or Facebook policy for the success of your campaigns. Listen to this fantastic conversation and learn marketing and sales fundamentals first. Everything else will follow.


🎙️Guest’s Bio

Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, one of the fastest-growing marketing consultancies (valued at $150M with over 250+ employees). The company has serviced over 3500 brands of all sizes, ranging from startups to household names like Red Bull, Verizon, and Alibaba. Erik has been recognized by his industry peers through honors and awards, including Forbes Magazine’s 30Under30, CSQ’s 40Under40, and Inc. Magazine’s Top 25 Marketing Influencers among others. Erik is the author of The Hawke Method, The 3 principles of marketing that made over 3,000 brands soar.


👂Listen out for:

  • The initial key roles needed in any marketing agency.
  • Why there may be 20,000+ digital agencies in the US that are NOT reliable
  • Awareness, Nurturing, and Trust as the 3 key marketing principles
  • How to act with irrational urgency but rational patience
  • What is the “Purchase Cycle” and why is it critical for your business




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