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June 30, 2022

Long-term strategies for successful small businesses - André Chaperon & Shawn Twing

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How many times have you heard about: “Scale your business! Go bigger! You’re missing out on clients!“ André Chaperon and Shawn Twing from Tiny Little Business have a very different approach: “Stay for the long-term. Don’t be noisy. Focus on the clients that over-value you. This conversation is filled with mic drops about how paid advertising can give you god-like control over your revenue, why clients will wait 90 days before working with you, and the reason to focus on what you’re exceptionally good at. Especially relevant for those with small businesses that value their freedom over the number of employees in their company. No matter what the douchebag gurus say, it matters the quality of your life.


🎙️Guest’s Bio

André Chaperon and Shawn Twing are the founders of Tiny Little Business, a marketing education company for creators that helps people create small - but important -businesses. Andre is the creator of the classic "Autoresponder Madness", the #1 Email Marketing course used by some of the biggest names in the marketing industry, like Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley. He’s focused on building and nurturing a trusting relationship with your email list to triple the revenue. Shawn Twing with more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing is known as one of the top experts in the world of paid traffic. He's worked as a consultant with high-profile like the Government of Kuwait, the Guggenheim Museum, and Nestle-Purina developing, executing, optimizing, and scaling their business. They both focus on writing emails that have plenty of high-quality communication and storytelling.


👂Listen out for:

  • Key Fact (85% of your people become clients after 90 days of knowing about your business)
  • How a proper Tiny Little Bussines can have a $1 Million revenue per year
  • Why remaining authentic in an epoch of douchebag gurus is a guaranteed advantage
  • The winning combination: long-term high-value website & short-term paid-adds
  • How to control your business revenue with paid ads




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