March 3, 2022

Let’s Remember Kindness - Houston Kraft

It’s time to build more empathy and reconnect

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Have we all forgotten how to be kind? Does it serve us to be kind today? This art is not lost and fact is that it can open more doors professionally and personally than any other habit. In this episode, we are reminded of this power and how you can nurture your own appreciation for this simple, yet extremely effective act.

Houston Kraft is the co-founder of CharacterStrong, an organization which provides curriculum and training for 2,500 schools in 50 states and 9 countries. He has spent time in over 600 schools internationally delivering trainings and keynotes. He is dedicated to changing the way we educate young people about compassion and character. His first book, Deep Kindness, an essential guidebook to making the world a kinder and more accepting place.

Listen out for:

  • Why Kindness is key to open doors and make life worth living
  • The 4 barriers that hold us back from being kind regularly
  • The important difference between being kind and being nice
  • What happens when you start to be more kind to others and yourself


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