March 29, 2022

Leadership In Uncertain Times - Liz Wiseman

The antidote to burnout is not less work. It’s increasing our contribution and our impact.

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Have you ever tried to help someone, and it seemed that you made things worse? Listen to this conversation with Liz Wiseman and learn how to offer your help without (unconsciously) pushing your own agenda and overwhelming the other person. Besides, you’ll learn how to become an impact player at your workplace and step up as a leader in moments of uncertainty.

Liz Wiseman (CEO of the Wiseman Group) helps executives to become better leaders. She's worked with the most known firms of our times: Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Google, Nike... She researches and writes on leadership and collective intelligence for Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and others journals. In 2019, she was recognized as a world top leadership thinker. She's the author of books like Impact Players, Multipliers, and Rookie Smart. Her work is oriented to those professionals that want to lead better, play bigger and multiply their impact.

Listen out for:

  • The 5 traits of impact players
  • Why people DON’T burn out from working too much
  • Visibility and recognition is key for remote working
  • How to be helpful without pushing your own agenda
  • Become a better leader In times of ambiguity and uncertainty
  • The two parts needed in a thriving work environment


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