Dec. 14, 2021

Integrity by Design - Mike Horne

You are what you DO, not what you SAY you do

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Integrity is a key component to successful organizations today. It's already listed as a core value more than any other word for major fortune 500 companies. But is it lived everyday? Our conversation today is about how to truly live in integrity in the way you lead, the way you work and the way you sell. Mike shares simple ideas you can apply right now so you can find more freedom, be happier and make the business better in the process.

Mike Horne helps people and culture leaders to discover their authentic selves to create an open, trusting, and fun workplace. He coaches executives and aspiring leaders and their teams to avoid, minimize and reduce poor outcomes related to people and culture actions and decisions. He is the author of Integrity By Design: Working and Living Authentically, which is about the differences between good intentions and the outcomes we create every day for wellbeing, in both intimate and professional partnerships. It’s also about the groups and teams that count on us to “show-up” and to contribute meaningfully. It’s about bringing more of who you are to what you do.

Listen out for:

  • The key difference of talking about integrity vs having integrity
  • The simple actions you can take to boost the integrity levels how you do everything
  • How leaders have a big responsibility today to shape the organizations of tomorrow

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