Feb. 18, 2021

How To Unleash Your Inner Superhuman At Work - Jason Campbell

How To Unleash Your Inner Superhuman At Work - Jason Campbell

“Emotional intelligence is one of the key pillars to be able to bring a team together.”

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This time, both of our podcast hosts, founder of Mindvalley Vishen Lakhiani and the host of Superhumans at Work, Jason Campbell have come together to show you what it takes to flourish into a true superhuman at work. They’ll also share their favorite Mindvalley personal growth quests so make sure to listen till the very end.


Jason is the host of the Impact at Work interview series and Superhumans at Work, a popular Mindvalley podcast. Jason interviews hundreds of the world’s top thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who share their techniques on how to create an extraordinary life in the workplace. Jason has a background in real estate investing, online marketing, and sales. His upcoming book on ‘selling with love’ shares how shifting from fear to love in selling can bring abundance to yourself, your community and even lift the tide for all.


Listen out for:

- The 4 Pillars of Being a Superhuman.

- Why you need a virtual assistant.

- Jason’s favorite Mindvalley quest.



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