April 7, 2022

How To Sell Your Skills And Build An Online Business - Graham Cochrane

How To Sell Your Knowledge

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If you are trying to sell your knowledge, building an info product, or trying to grow your online business as coach or consultant, this conversation is going to make your life easier. Graham Cochrane will help you overcome any imposter syndrome and market your skills. Find out about the powerful strategy nobody does to understand what your clients really want.

Guest’s Bio

Graham Cochrane (founder of The Recording Revolution) helps entrepreneurs build passive income and online business around their knowledge, skills and passions. In his podcast, YouTube Channel and Blog he shares powerful information about mindset, productivity, psychology and online education software. His book "How To Get Paid for What You Know" serves as a guide to turn ideas into money you can earn while being asleep.


Listen out for:

  • How to get paid for what you know
  • Selling your knowledge as consultant or coach
  • The 3 best platforms for long-term evergreen content
  • Why Now is the best moment to build your online course
  • The key step nobody is doing to discover what the market really wants




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