Aug. 3, 2021

How To Schmooze Your Way To Success - Cody Lowry

How To Schmooze Your Way To Success - Cody Lowry

“The key to building a relationship is to understand that it starts in the first few minutes you meet them.”

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Have you ever wondered how deeply social interactions at work affect your career? How much informal conversations or friendly persuasions can gain you favor, business, or networking? Join Jason Marc Campbell for a new episode of Superhumans at Work with Cody Lowry, author of the book Schmooze: What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School. They will help you uncover how the power of Schmoozing can make everything happen, no matter how impossible or improbable the idea may seem. 


Cody Lowry is the Division President of INTERMARK GROUP Birmingham Al, a full-service advertising and marketing agency where he oversees all aspects of Intermark’s retail division. Before joining Intermark, he was the owner and president of Dynamedia of America, a full-service advertising agency located in Tampa, Florida. He is the author of Schmooze: What They Should Teach At Harvard Business School, which has been coined the modern-day version of Dale Carnegie’s iconic work ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People.’ 


Listen out for:

- The story behind how Cody got into advertising. 

- The definition of schmoozing.

- How to use the art of schmoozing to get what you want.



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