Jan. 14, 2021

How To Inspire Donors And Build Relationships - Lisa Greer

How To Inspire Donors And Build Relationships - Lisa Greer

“Philanthropy is an investment.”

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These days people aren’t donating as much to charity because the process of giving is fundamentally flawed and often unpleasant. The donors have changed...but why has the system stayed the same? At a time when profound changes will challenge the nonprofit world, Philanthropist Lisa Greer offers donors and recipients a rich menu of constructive and practical suggestions to enrich and strengthen the relationships between the nonprofit and the donor. 


Lisa Greer is the founder of Tandem Careplanning, a transformative online platform that places the power of finding quality in-home care in the hands of those seeking care for themselves or family members. But now, Lisa has turned her focus towards driving change in the world of philanthropy. She is the author of the book Philanthropy Revolution, an Insider's Guide to Fundraising in a New Era, alerting the non-profit world to the dangers that the industry is facing that could gravely impact sustainability and the changes that are necessary to sustain the sector.


Listen out for:

- Lisa’s career journey.

- The future of philanthropy.

- Ground rules for effective fundraising.

- How to work with the new generation of fundraisers.



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