Jan. 7, 2021

How To Innovate Fast In Spite Of Bureaucracy - Thor Ernstsson

How To Innovate Fast In Spite Of Bureaucracy - Thor Ernstsson

“Problems come up when there is a change.”

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It’s not easy to make your voice heard in a large company. Generally, people in large companies are hesitant to take on a digital transformation effort. That’s because of the potential hazards associated with taking risks in companies that have historically worked to reduce risk as much as possible. Founder of Strata, Thor Ernstsson, is here to tell us why companies don’t transform, but employees do. 


Thor Ernstsson is the founder of Strata (started during COVID-19) and Co-Founder of Alpha, the on-demand consumer insights platform enabling teams to make data-driven decisions about users, products, and new markets. Prior to founding Alpha, he was the CTO of Audax Health, a patient engagement company acquired by UnitedHealth. Before that, he was the lead architect at Zynga, working on their biggest moneymaker - FarmVille – and making large-scale product decisions affecting millions of users globally. He is best known as a thought leader who helps Fortune 100 brands with digital transformation, as well as for infusing a culture of experimentation into legacy organizations.


Listen out for:

- Thor’s personal journey.

- The best way to launch a product.

- 3 Lessons on building successful products.

- How to understand what your customer wants.



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