March 25, 2021

How Mirror Thinking Shapes Our Lives - Fiona Murden

How Mirror Thinking Shapes Our Lives - Fiona Murden

“Everything that you do, you are a role model to someone.”

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Mirror thinking explores how the mirror neuron has defined us through the role models we observe and interact with. All of the learning we take from our world is down to our brain's mirror system, but it doesn't stop there. In this episode, Jason Campbell and occupational psychologist Fiona Murden share how this incredible system is also responsible for our emotional connections with others, how we pass on learning between the generations through stories, and how we imagine and innovate within our own minds.


Fiona Murden is an occupational psychologist and award-winning author who has spent her career working with some of the world’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, surgeons, athletes, and prominent people from across different industries, helping them to achieve optimal performance. The first series of Fiona’s podcast Dot-to-Dot Behind the Person launched earlier this year with guests such as Kenny Wilson the CEO of Dr. Martens, Andrea Thompson the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, and Dr. Tasha Eurich psychologist and New York Times Bestselling author. Fiona is the author of Defining You and Mirror Thinking: Why Role Models Make Us Human.


Listen out for:

- The fascinating story of how Fiona got interested in mirror neurons. 

- How mirror neurons work.

- The blockers of mirror neurons.



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