May 5, 2022

Develop a loving relationship with money - Sarah McCrum

Ready for a healing conversation about your relationship with money? Sarah McCrum,...

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Ready for a healing conversation about your relationship with money? Sarah McCrum, from The Spirit of Generosity, is an expert on abundance mindset. In this conversation she’s sharing some insights from her book Love Money, Money Loves You, and how journaling can heal money blockages and transform your business. In Sarah’s words: “Opening up your relationship with money, opens up your relationship with yourself and your life.”


🎙️Guest’s Bio

Sarah McCrum is the co-organizer of "LOVE TO", for investors of conscious businesses, and founder of "Liberate Humanity" a platform with courses to transform your relationship with money. She teaches and coaches business owners and leaders to transform their live more generously and heal their blockages with money, business and family. Sarah is the creator of courses like "Energy on Demand" and "Love Money, Money Loves You" based on generosity, mutuality, thriving and love.


👂Listen out for:

  • A mindset shift to heal your relationship with money
  • Journaling exercises to have healing conversations with money
  • The reason why money is considered evil
  • Why living in abundance and budgeting go hand in hand
  • Miracles that happen after healing our money blockages.



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