May 14, 2020

Crisis and Reputation Management - Bill Coletti

Crisis and Reputation Management - Bill Coletti

The company owns its brand...but the public owns its reputation.

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‘The company owns its brand...but the public owns its reputation.’

Has the coronavirus pandemic put your reputation as a company at stake?

When relationships are critical to your business, your reputation is one of the most important assets you manage. In today’s Superhumans at Work podcast, we’re joined by Bill Coletti - a highly experienced and sought-after reputation management strategist and speaker. Get ready for a deep dive session into the process of building brand affinity and an unshakable reputation!

Listen out for:

  • The 4 A’s of Reputation Excellence Framework for business success.
  • How to earn the benefit of the doubt BEFORE a crisis hits.
  • The importance of being Proactive vs. Reactive.
  • The difference between your Brand and your Reputation and how to protect it. 

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