July 26, 2022

Create Spaces for Networking and Expand Your Community - Elliott Bisnow (@Summit)

Selling With Love is more than a podcast! Join the community of like-minded entrepreneurs ready to overcome their sales blockages and transform the planet at: ===== Dreaming of organizing A-class events for entrepreneurs? Elliott Bisnow, the...

Selling With Love is more than a podcast! Get FREE sales training to find and enroll the right clients, expand your impact, and grow your business in a way that feels good in the short and long term.



Dreaming of organizing A-class events for entrepreneurs? Elliott Bisnow, the co-founder of the Summit Group, thinks big, chasing dreams and building communities. In this conversation, Elliot shares powerful lessons on how to build go from 0 to 1 with your idea, look for problems and develop solutions, and have sales-based conversations to build partnerships. A key message is to focus on what you’re already good at while developing your network to get referrals and introductions organically. Listen carefully and take good notes about Elliot’s journey, strategies and mindset.


🎙️Guest’s Bio

Elliott Bisnow, co-founder of Summit Group (Powder Mountain, Summit Series, Summit Junto, and Summit Impact), Bisnow Media Corporation and Get Well Soon Tour. He’s also a founding member of the United Nations Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council. Elliott is a startup investor that started working with his father at Bisnow Media publishing email newsletters about real estate. The Summit Series events gather entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and thought leaders like Bill Clinton, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson, among many others. Thanks to Summit Action Fund, Elliott invests in start-ups with strong morals and values. He’s also the author of Make No Small Plans: Lessons on Thinking Big, Chasing Dreams, and Building Community, where he narrates the beginning of Summit Group.


👂Listen out for:

  • How to build partnerships to organize A-class events
  • Why starting small while thinking big is a key to long-term success
  • The wisdom behind the “The Problem Is The Solution” statement
  • What is Ready, Fire, Aim, and how to apply it in your business.
  • Why referrals and introductions are the most powerful way of selling




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