Dec. 23, 2021

Center of Influence Marketing - Rand Fishkin

As paid media goes up in price, new opportunities are opening up

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In a time where advertising costs are going up, we might be annoyed with people talking about their products and services to anyone in hopes of selling to someone. In this episode, we talk about what is the new way to find the relevant people and centers of influence where you can identify and understand your clients more. If you could take the time to speak on the right channels with the right message that is of high quality and relevant, you can grow your business fast and with low cost. Rand shares his ideas on how to attract leads, serve clients and scale your business.

Rand Fishkin is the cofounder and CEO of SparkToro, a software startup with a goal of enabling high quality audience research for marketers, PR folks, entrepreneurs, and product builders without the need for expensive, time-consuming, inaccurate surveys or impossible-to-scale manual research.

He was the CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz, a leader in the field of search engine optimization tools, resources & community.

He has spent his career helping people do better marketing. This emphasis on helping businesses improve their marketing function highlights Rand's enthusiasm for the industry, as well as how fundamental marketing and marketing technology is to the greater business model.

Listen out for:

  • Where to start when you want to pick a niche
  • The truth about Paid advertising and the lost opportunity
  • How "center of influence" marketing is the golden opportunity to scale at low cost
  • Learn how to get started now to connect with relevant influencers


  • Learn more about the tool to accelerate your research

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