March 11, 2021

Building Smart Nonprofits: A Roadmap For Success - Matthew D. Craig and David J O'Brien

Building Smart Nonprofits: A Roadmap For Success - Matthew D. Craig and David J O'Brien

“You need to do two things: prove that you have an impact and tell the story very effectively. This is called the ecosystem of funding.”

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In a fast-changing world, the nonprofit sector is continually looking for creative new ways to keep up. The wide range of challenges that the non-profit sector seeks to address has grown exponentially over the past two decades, while we have simultaneously seen an unprecedented creation of wealth. So, it begs the question: “how well are we connecting those with the capacity to support those who seek to do good?” In this episode, Jason Campbell, David O’Brien, and Matthew Craig talk about decades of experience and insights into nonprofit leadership.


Matthew D. Craig is a vice president and senior relationship manager at JPMorgan Chase where he specializes in providing a broad range of services to governments and nonprofit organizations. With more than twenty years of experience in the financial sector, he has held positions in credit underwriting, commercial and small business banking, and private wealth management. David J.O'Brien enjoyed a career in the for-profit sector over a span of 45 years with broad-based experience in multi-industry corporate development, finance, and management of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 conglomerates to startups. He has served as Board Chair, Committee Chair, and Director/Trustee of numerous nonprofits in diverse fields including education, international health, NGOs, social services, and the arts.


Listen out for:

- The mindblowing idea behind Matthew and David’s book.

- Crucial things that need to change in the nonprofit industry.

- How to start a non-profit.

- Where to find valuable non-profit resources.



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