Sept. 14, 2021

Being Fearless to Speak up at Work - Elaine Bennett

Being Fearless to Speak up at Work - Elaine Bennett

Speak your Truth. That’s all we have. The more we hide, the worst business outcomes will be.

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Speaking your trust is one of those truisms that can be hard to apply in the workplace when many incentives can work against you. You want to be good in front of your boss, you want to get along with other people or you rather not need to stand out as a contrarian. Yet businesses together need people with the courage to speak up and Elaine Bennett shares what happens when you do. Passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Elaine has been writing on the subject since it was just called “diversity.” In fact, she won a Cicero Award for the best-written speech on Diversity. Her TEDx Talk, delivered in 2019, tackles the topic of how language impacts our ideas of diversity. A simple shift, she believes, can change the world.


Listen out for:

- Why speaking your truth in the face of power can be difficult

- How marginalised groups need to be heard to bring innovative solutions

- The career growth (and/or shifts) that happen when to show up your full self at work

- Your role to play to drive organisational change through your radical honesty and courage



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