April 5, 2022

Are You A Professional Salesperson? - Benjamin Dennehy

Good salespeople will sell regardless of the circumstance because they're professional.

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Tune in for one of the funniest episodes of Selling With Love so far! Do you think you are a professional salesperson? Benjamin disagrees. Benjamin speaks his truth without fear or second thought. Once you become a good salesperson, you can start choosing your clients, you can stop prospecting, and you can have the courage for asking face-punching questions. If you don’t, you aren’t there yet!

Benjamin Dennehy is the founder of The UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer. He’s worked as Sales Consultant and trainer, and through his brutal communication he’s able to achieve powerful and honest transformations. He works with companies by leading conferences and workshops. He also coaches individuals online via his club and bootcamps.

Listen out for:

  • The Real Purpose of prospecting
  • What Sales Is NOT
  • Why You MUST ask difficult question
  • Behaviors of Professional Salespeople
  • Why You Should Choose Your Clients (Not the other way around)


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