April 13, 2021

5 Keys That Help You Handle Rejection - Jay Fantom

5 Keys That Help You Handle Rejection - Jay Fantom

“Rejection is never going to go away. We just have to learn to appreciate it.”

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Those who choose to walk the path less traveled will often find obstacles in the form of rejections. In those moments, it seems almost impossible to bounce back. Giving up seems like the only option. But as much as it can hurt, it can also be used as a fuel to carry forward. In this live call, Jason Marc Campbell and the creator of The Story Box podcast, Jay Fantom, talk about how he achieved rapid success in the field by eliminating the fear of rejection, and he is going to teach us how to do the same. So make sure to listen carefully.


Jarred (or Jay) is a persistent and passionate 24-year-old entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, speaker, and writer who works incredibly hard at being the best, authentic, honest, loving, kind, and excellent version of himself daily. Jay is the founder and host of The Story Box, a top 15 Podcast in 2020. Jay and The Story Box have been featured in FORBES Magazine, Business Insider, Yahoo! New York Weekly, The Los Angeles Wire, NBC, FOX, CBS, and Market Watch, among many others. Jay has also spoken on several podcasts, given talks to young people, and loves to bring value where he can.


Listen out for:

- The surprising story of how Jay became a podcaster.

- How to bounce back from rejection. 

- The 5 main Ps that help you improve your life.

- Ways to practice rejection.



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